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Labour Arbitration Fees

1. For the first day (or any part thereof) of any rights arbitration or grievance mediation, including award as required: $4,000
2. For the second day and subsequent days (or part thereof) of any rights arbitration or grievance meditation: $3,600
3. Interest arbitration (per day or part thereof): $4,500
4. Evening hearings after 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.: $2,000
5. Weekend hearing (per day or part thereof): $3,600
6. Telephone conference calls: $350/hour
7. Executive sessions (per half day or part thereof): $1,800
8. Cancellation fees (in addition to disbursements incurred):  
    a. Where notice of cancellation is given fewer than 30 and more than14 days prior to hearing: $800
    b. Cancellation of first hearing date set for s.49 appointments: $800
    c. Otherwise, where less than 15 days’ notice of cancellation is given: $2,000


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